At Phoenix Packaging we work to make your design or idea a reality. Our starting point is your idea, a 2D sketch, or a branding consultant’s work. We then adjust them to meet your product’s needs, filling line specifications to a design that can be manufactured. Sometimes this means a custom shape and extensive decoration, other times it is as simple as stock bottle that is decorated to make it look unique.

We work with materials such as glass, plastics, ceramics, metal, and wood to provide a wide variety of options to meet your design and technical requirements for all components of your package

Our ability to supply or create your ideal package is limited only by your creativity.


Phoenix Packaging is a leading source for ceramic bottles and jars. We are the exclusive North American representatives of MKM. MKM is at the forefront of automated manufacturing of ceramic bottles and jars for food and beverage use.

MKM’s bottles and jars are available in many shapes, sizes and glazes (colors) that best suit your brand. The glazes can be matt or glossy, smooth or textured, traditional or contemporary.

Ceramics are a UNIQUE and NATURAL packaging material that provides great performance, and improves your ability to stand out from the competition.

If a stock ceramic bottle is not what fits your branding, we have the possibility to produce custom bottles and jars for as little as 1,000 pieces.


Phoenix Packaging introduced pewter labels to the North American marketplace 20 years ago. We have partnered with a pioneering producer and technologically leading manufacturer of pewter labels.

The labels are a unique and easy way to personalize and enhance your products making them stand out.

They have been used in many industries such as cosmetics, perfumery, specialty and fine foods, wines, spirits, beer and even cigars!

Pewter is an ideal material for complex shaped bottles. The material is extremely flexible and can be shaped to take to form of the bottle. The labels are pressure sensitive and the company has developed a patented coloring process which is resistant to perfumes and alcohols.

A luxurious label to highlight your exceptional products!